Indians are among laziest people in the world: Stanford study

Indians are among laziest people in the world: Stanford study
Researchers of Stanford University have conducted a study on 46-country to find out the laziest countries in the world.

It is found that India ranked 39 among the world's laziest countries, with people taking just 4,297 steps a day.

According to a report in Times of India, Stanford University researchers used step-counters installed in smartphones to track the walking activity of about 700,000 people in 46 countries around the world during their study.

As per the reports, data shows that Indian women walk barely 3,684 steps, while men registered 4,606 steps daily.

The study found that for both males and females, a larger number of steps recorded is associated with lower obesity, but for females, the prevalence of obesity increases more rapidly as step volume decreases.

The study found that Chinese are most active, particularly those living in Hong Kong, where people averaged 6,880 a steps a day.

Hong Kong, China, Ukraine and Japan tops the chart with people walking over 6,000 steps daily, while Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are at the bottom.

Indonesia was the worst nation with people walking nearly half as much, averaging 3,513 steps a day. The worldwide average is 4,961steps, with Americans walking an average 4,774 steps.

The finding also found that obesity increases more rapidly in Indian women as the number of steps they take decreases.

Stanford researchers say in countries with less obesity, people walked a similar amount every day. In nations with higher rates of obesity, there were larger gaps between those who walked a lot and those who walked very little.

The study was published in the journal 'Nature'.

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