An Australian is selling the humble Indian 'Khatiya' for $990

An Australian is selling the humble Indian 'Khatiya' for $990
With time, Indians have moved 'forward' and left behind age-old traditional items to embrace modern and hi-tech goods in their day-to-day lives. However, those traditional desi items seem to be a hit craze among foreigners now.

The latest addition to such items is an old-fashioned charpai or khatiya. Wondering how? Well, an ad featuring a basic 'charpoy' with jute ropes and wooden frame is going viral.

The advertisement from Australia has left Indian Twitterati amazed - not because the desi bed is in demand - but for its price. Yes, it's being sold at a whopping $990, which totals up to approximately over Rs 50,000 in Indian currency.

The detailed ad, describing the product as a "traditional Indian daybed," claims it's "extremely comfortable". Available now in the standard dimension, buyers also have the option to get its length and breath customised on demand.

"Made from beautiful maple timber with strong mortise and tenon joints", the charpoy is said to have "hand-woven bedding" using manila rope.

Claiming it is "100% Australian made", the advertisement campaign sells it in a very sophisticated way, but Indians simply can't overlook how foreigners are obsessed with Indian designs and inventions.

Many are even planning to list out their old "daybeds" for sale. Meanwhile, others got nostalgic after watching the ad and are trying to get solace by sleeping on one. What's more, people have taken to Twitter to express their delight. Some are amazed that it can fetch such a high price, others are cracking mean jokes on the microblogging site.

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