Sex is Sacred, Eroticism Isn't a Sin: Church-run Magazine in Christmas Edition

Sex is Sacred, Eroticism Isn't a Sin: Church-run Magazine in Christmas Edition
Encouraging eroticism among spouses, an article in the Christmas edition of a church-run magazine said sex is sacred and described it as cornerstones of a happy human life. The four-page article titled 'Rethiyum Ayurvedavum' (Sex and Ayurveda) by Dr Santhosh Thomas in the December issue of 'Mukharekha' further describe the types of women according to their bodies and shape and size of breasts.

"Sex is a celebration of body and mind. Love without physical relationship and the erotic is like pooram (festival) without fireworks. If two bodies need to have proper union, their minds too should merge correspondingly," says the article. Besides stressing the need for healthy sex in life, Dr Thomas's article describes the ideal woman quoting Vagbhata's classical Ayurveda text Ashtanga Hridyam.

"Women can be classified under four types -- 'Padmini', 'Chithrini', 'Sanghini' and 'Hasthini' -- according to their body structure and the size and shape of their breasts. The relation of Kamasasthra with Ayurveda is to show how a man can have healthy sex with these four types of women as per their nature and body," says the article. "All types of sex should be followed in tune with seasons, place, power and capacity without violating the principles of medical science," it adds.

Father Xavier Kudiyamssery, the editor of the magazine, said they allowed such article for the first time to teach about healthy living. "This is the first time we are publishing an article about `kamashastram', on sex and life. This article aims to ensure a healthy life and this doctor is a regular contributor to our magazine," he told Times of India.

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