Bizarre! Pakistani Journalist Covers His Own Wedding Ceremony

Bizarre! Pakistani Journalist Covers His Own Wedding Ceremony
A journalist is never off duty, and this one, not even at his own wedding.

A journalist in Pakistan got so engrossed in this profession that he thought it would be a good idea to do live reporting from his marriage venue. Hanan Bukhari, who works as a news reporter for City 41 channel, gave live updates from his own wedding. Yes, you heard it right!

Appearing on-air in his wedding attire, the video of a Pakistani TV reporter Hanan Bukhari of City 41 channel covered the 'breaking news' of marriage event.

"My family members and I are very happy today. Since, it is a love marriage, my wife and her family members are happy too. My parents present here have gone to lengths and made arrangements to make this day come true," Bukhari said while facing the camera.

The Pakistani interviewed his father, wife, mother-in-law and even his own mother.

However, some Twitter users were not pleased with the coverage.

"My god. What's journalism coming to. What next? Reporters covering family circumcisions....." , a twitterati wrote.

"Only in Pakistan..a reporter covering his own wedding..interviews wife and father-in-law and appreciate his own wedding it ethical journalism??? #Hilarious" , another tweeted.

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