'Bra Bandits' Stole $11,000 Worth of Victoria's Secret Lingerie

'Bra Bandits' Stole $11,000 Worth of Victoria's Secret Lingerie
A pair of "bra bandits" were caught stealing $11,000 worth of lingerie from a Victoria's Secret store in Folsom, California, USA. They even managed to run out of the store with their enormous haul after pepper-spraying an employee (don't worry, the employee wasn't hurt). Fortunately, an alert police officer spotted them just as they were making their getaway and immediately arrested them.

In a Facebook post, Folsom Police posted a picture of the lingerie haul which showed over a hundred colourful padded bras which the women had reportedly stuffed into several large bags.

According to the Folsom Police Department, an employee confronted the two women as they were fleeing the store with bags full of stolen lingerie on Friday. That's when one of them whipped out pepper spray and attacked the employee. Luckily, the employee was not hurt and was able to give the police a description of the getaway car.

"As the women tried to make their escape, an alert officer spotted them and stopped the car. The officer found the stolen clothing, and took the women into custody," they added on Facebook.

The women were found to have stolen over $11,000 worth of clothing. Both women were charged with robbery and conspiracy. One of the women was also booked for possession of a counterfeit $100 bill, which was found in her possession during the investigation.

"It's like Ocean's Eleven - only with bras," joked one person on Facebook. "Did they leave anything on the shelves?" wondered another.

This is the second bizarre robbery attempt in California to go viral on social media this week.

Earlier, a man dubbed the "candy crook" was caught on CCTV stealing a fundraising gumball machine from an animal shelter. The animal shelter shared surveillance footage of the seriously strange theft on Facebook in an attempt to catch the "gumball bandit."

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