Viral: Pakistan Groom Wears Gold Shoes & Crystal Tie Worth Rs 25 Lakhs at his Wedding

Viral: Pakistan Groom Wears Gold Shoes & Crystal Tie Worth Rs 25 Lakhs at his Wedding
The Indian subcontinent is known for its opulent weddings and the many excesses we indulge in during our shaadis. Not to forget our obsession with all things gold. Taking the obsession to the next level, a groom in Pakistan came dressed in the most extravagant outfit for his reception - one made of gold, local reports said.

Salman Shahid, a businessman from Lahore, wore a blingy gold suit to his Walima - the reception. The gold suit was paired with a matching tie embellished with gold crystals. To match all the golden glory of his suit and tie, there were shoes made out of real gold. Wonder if he stole the bride's thunder with that outfit.

According to several reports, the suit cost the groom 63,000 Pakistan rupees as it came embedded with crystals and jewels. The shoes, made out of 320 grams of real gold, cost a whopping PKR 17 lakh. The price tag of the entire outfit was 25 lakh Pakistan rupees.

When asked why the fancy reception outfit, the groom told a reporter, "I always wanted to wear gold shoes. People wear it around their neck or as a crown. I wanted to tell people that wealth is like the dirt on your feet, it should stay there."

"...and I always wanted to wear gold shoes," he stated one more time.

The groom's glittering wedding outfit has been making the rounds on social media with reactions of amusement as well as disdain.

"One can pay for a surgery by selling one shoe," commented a person on Instagram. Another wrote, "I would like to see what the bride wore if the groom had such nakhrey (tantrums)!"

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