Viral - This Kid's note on why he didn't do homework wins Internet

Viral - This Kid's note on why he didn't do homework wins Internet
There has been a lot of debate on whether students should be given homework. Most children hate doing homework. If you ask them why, kids can come up some hilarious explanations and interesting excuses.

A US teenager's note to his teacher explaining why he didn't do his homework has gone viral.

Edward Cortez, 14, from California was asked to write the explanation as to why he didn't complete an assignment set for the weekend.

Posting a picture of the note online, his father's cousin Lydia wrote: 'So my cousin and his wife got an email from their son's teacher.

The amusing letter argues that he didn't do the assignment because he only does what "makes him happy". He argued that the homework makes him "mad and unhappy". The creative teen explained that he didn't like doing school work during the weekend as weekends are meant to be stress-free.

Even more than that, he's worried about his stress levels and goes on to explain that he avoids stress after his mother recently found she had gray hairs.

Edward went on to argue, "The real world Jobs don't give you homework unless [you're] a boss or teacher. We should not have to do it in school because it's not useful."

But perhaps the best part is the bold conclusion to Eddie's note. "Case closed," he states. "The court rule in favor of Edward Immanuel Cortez in the case of student v. homework."

"I was not surprised," Edward Cortez's mother Roxand told Huffington Post UK. "Eddie is always full of humour, and he doesn't like homework."

The lengthy letter quickly racked up a staggering 351,000 likes, 99,000 retweets and almost 3,000 replies, with one person admitting, "I started crying real tears laughing so hard."

"The court rules in favor in the case of student vs homework. A lawyer in the making," says one Twitter user.

'The points were 100% valid': a follower wrote in response to the amusing letter, which argues that he 'does what makes him happy'.

Replying to the viral tweet, one follower wrote, "At least he is being honest about it!"

Meanwhile another said, "This is hilarious. I wish I had known decades ago that I'm not supposed to be bringing home work in my real-world job. Who knew?"

And joking about the reference to his mother's gray hair, one said, "I thought he was implying that he didn't want gray hair?"

Another joked, "Or he doesn't want the dog to get gray hairs."

And one user argued that the youngster should be given a logical explanation as to why homework is given.

He wrote, "Kids who question authority and think independently need to be reasoned with and given guidance. A common mistake is getting into a power struggle with the kid. That will just make him rebel more."

Replying, one teacher added, "I'm a teacher and I 100% agree with this child! Stop assigning weekend homework. Limit homework during the week. Teachers and these ridiculous workloads are causing kids to HATE school and reject learning!"

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