Woman fined heavily after her car left a pen!s imprint in snow

Woman fined heavily after her car left a pen!s imprint in snow
In this strange case of law and its order, Kathryn, a Reddit user, was a victim of a heavy fine imposed on her by Homeowners Association (HOA) for something which was beyond her control. She was fined for something which wasn't her fault and was out of her control and to address this unjust punishment she took the issue to the social media platform Reddit.

She wrote: "A few weeks ago we got a pitiful little snow that was barely really a frost. Just enough to cause a little trouble of the roads but nothing severe. So my husband and I go out, get in our cars, and leave for the work day. A while later, we get an email from the HOA saying we are being fined for something. They aren't very specific at first, but they are saying it's about the snow and our cars. We are very confused. There is not enough snow to shovel, as you will soon see. Finally, after a few backs and forth emails, they simply send us a picture 'describing the problem'."

Kathryn endured this unjust punishment in Tennessee from the Homeowners Association for something that was beyond her control. In a mail from HOA, she was being fined a huge amount of USD100 because her car left a pen!s imprint in the snow. The email read: "Your car, specifically the Honda, left this offensive image on the ground after you left. I believe you will see why we have had complaints about it. One of our residents took the photo and reported it to us out of concern for our younger residents."

Kathryn furious with this punishment stated in her defence, that she had no control over the shape her car makes and declared that the bylaws stated that anything deemed offensive had to be done on purpose. The HOA also replied to her statement saying, they understand it wasn't her fault and will not be pursuing this further, in good faith pursuant to the wording of the by-laws.

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