Man Too Lazy to Get a Real Driver's License Uses a Handwritten Piece of Paper Instead

Man Too Lazy to Get a Real Driver's License Uses a Handwritten Piece of Paper Instead
Traffic police in the Chinese city of Liuzhou got the shock of their career after pulling over a motorcycle driver only to find that instead of a driver's license he had a handwritten piece of paper with his picture glued to it.

Faking official documents is common practice all around the world, but in the vast majority of cases people actually go out of their way to make sure their forgeries look as genuine as possible. Not the protagonist of this news story, though, he just made sure to include all the necessary details on his fake driver's license, even though all he did was scribble them on a piece of paper hoping it would be enough to fool police. Spoiler alert: it wasn't.

When police in Liuzhou pulled over a silver motorcycle for a routine check, on March 31, they didn't expect to see the funniest driver's license of their entire careers. The man, surnamed Tang, certainly didn't seem nervous when the officers asked for his documents, and the driver license itself had a regular cover, so there was nothing to prepare police for what they were about to see.

Inside the normal-looking driver's license cover was a simple piece of paper that seemed ripped out of a school notebook, with all the relevant information scribbled on it, and an identification picture of the driver glued to it.

When the officers asked Tang if he was pulling their leg, he calmly explained that he was too lazy to study for a driver's license and didn't want to spend money on driving classes anyway, so he decided that a handwritten license was better than not having one at all. He added that he got a real-looking cover for his DIY license thinking that if he ever ran into police, he could just shake it in their faces and they'd send him on his way.

"I didn't expect the traffic police to be so serious," Tang said.

"I've been a police officer for many years, but I've never seen a driver's license quite like this. It's hilarious!" one of the traffic police officers said.

As it was also long overdue mandatory inspection, Tang's motorcycle was seized by police, and he was asked to report to the traffic department the next day.

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