US man loses 20 kilograms by following a beer-only diet for 46 days

US man loses 20 kilograms by following a beer-only diet for 46 days
To lose weight, you must follow a strict diet and workout regularly. Eating healthily and regular exercise is important to help you shed the extra pounds, whether it is belly fat or leg fat that you are looking to lose.

One beverage that certainly does not fit in the weight loss diet is beer due to its high sugar content. Nine out of ten dieticians and health experts will tell you to avoid beer in order to lose weight. However, a US man has managed to shet 20 kilograms in just 46 days by following a beer diet.

Del Hall just drank beer after vowing to fast for 46 days of Lent, religious observance in Christian liturgical calendar.

The beer diet is based on an old Catholic tradition that was started by monks in the 1600s. Hall followed the liquid diet for a month-and-a-half and the results were impressive, to say the least.

"Being master brewers, they decided they would take a popular style of beer in Germany, bock beer, make it extra hearty and that would be their liquid bread and that's what they call it," Hall told a local news website.

"So the monks in Bavaria, they would call doppelbock liquid bread and basically it would sustain them through the 46 days of lent," he added.

Hall added that the monks consumed 'nutrient potent beer' during fasting as a substitute for water and the method is very plausible in today's times.

Martin Zuber, a brewing expert from Paulena Brewery, said the monks concocted a strong brew, full of carbohydrates and nutrients because liquid bread would not break their fast.

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