Company introduces 'pure vegetarian water', Twitter goes ... What!?

Company introduces 'pure vegetarian water', Twitter goes ... What!?
The key to making a mark with any marketing strategy is to make your product stand out from the rest. Recently, a company devised a rather unusual advertising ploy to promote its water purifier. They claimed that the water purified in their purifier ensures -- wait for it -- "pure vegetarian"!

Moreover, the product comes with a green dot, indicating that its vegetarian in nature. "Boiling will kill germs but the killed germs are still in the water, not making it vegetarian water. Prestige LifeStraw uses Ultra filtration with hollow fibre technology that physically REMOVES all virus, bacteria and Cysts, leaving only pure water with NO germs, dead or alive in it," reads the description on company's website.

Netizens were dumbstruck when they came across the bizarre advertisement in a newspaper recently. While some thought it made zero sense, others started cracking hilarious and sarcastic jokes online, trolling the ad agency and company for devising such a campaign.

What's your reaction on this "vegetarian water" ad?

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