Woman Tries To Buy Audi - With Money She Printed At Home

Woman Tries To Buy Audi - With Money She Printed At Home
A woman in Germany left a car dealership employees completely bemused when she tried paying for her purchased with a wad of banknotes she printed at home. According to a statement by Pirmasens Police, the 20-year-old woman went to a Kaiserslautern car dealership with 15,000 euros in counterfeit money on Friday.

Neue Oz reports that after choosing an Audi A3 2013 model, the unnamed woman walked up to the counter and pulled out the easily recognizable fake money.

"I just asked her incredulously if she wanted to play Monopoly," an employee of the dealership told Neue Oz. He then proceeded to call the police, who arrived at the scene and apprehended the woman.

A search of her apartment after that gave the police all the evidence they needed. They found that the woman had created the notes with a commercial inkjet printer.

According to German laws, counterfeiting money is punishable with a minimum prison term of three months for someone who's acting alone, reports Geek. If the offender "acts professionally or as a member of a gang", it can go up to two years.

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