Saudi man 'accidentally' buys 2 planes worth Rs 2,600 crores for son's birthday

Saudi man 'accidentally' buys 2 planes worth Rs 2,600 crores for son's birthday
Choosing a perfect birthday gift for your children is perhaps the most difficult task. Furthermore, there is extra pressure when the recipient is already making wild guesses about the promised package.

When the task becomes too confusing, some parents trust others to pick a gift for their children. However, there are some 'extraordinary' parents who go a little overboard in selecting a present for their children.

Such was the case with a father from Saudi Arabia, whose birthday gift for his son has turned him into an internet star. He has taken the very concept of over-the-top birthday gifts to a new 'high' with his purchase.

The man, who is an investor in the energy sector, accidentally bought two Airbus A350-1000s while searching for scale models of similar type. reported the man was searching for a birthday gift for his son, who is a big fan of aviation.

He said he called Airbus to inquire about the model planes but his inability to properly communicate in English confused the employees.

"They asked me so many questions about the interior and exterior. I just thought they make very accurate scale models," the man was quoted by Tumfweko.

The planes cost the man a whopping 329 million euros but he was hardly bothered by the exorbitant price tag. In fact, he said the price was pretty 'reasonable'.

"I got lost in currency conversions. I thought it was a bit expensive but still reasonable," the man said.

Airbus called the man a few months after the purchase and informed the planes were ready for delivery. However, they had one simple question for the man - who will fly the planes?

The man kept one of the planes and gifted the other one to his cousin.

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