This company is paying interns Rs 1 lakh to sleep

This company is paying interns Rs 1 lakh to sleep
A Bengaluru based mattress firm is offering what may seem to many like a dream internship.

Wakefit is inviting applications from candidates across India for a unique internship.

As part of this internship, candidates will have to sleep for 9 hours every night for 100 days.

At the end of the internship, you can earn Rs 1 lakh.

'Sleep on the job and get paid Rs 1 lakh' Wakefit mentions on its website seeking prospective candidates.

Who can apply

Entry to the internship is open only to Indian citizens who are residents of India and who are over 25 years of age.

Immediate families, friends of Wakefit's employees and persons forming part of entities with whom Wakefit has commercial transactions are not eligible to enter the Internship.

The internship

If you are selected, as part of the internship, you'll be required to sleep on Wakefit's mattress (Wakefit Orthopedic or Dual Comfort Mattress) for 100 days while wearing a fitness tracker, both of which will be provided to you at no cost by Wakefit.

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