Vegetarian have better sex according to this study

Vegetarian have better sex according to this study
Weight loss is not the only benefit that you can reap out of a vegetarian or vegan diet. But an interesting survey has revealed that vegetarians are best lovers and have more sex than meat eaters.

Read everything under the sun to improve your sex life but nothing has changed? Well, don't worry because this study is surely going to help you out. And, you'll be glad to hear that a change in your diet is the answer to your sex woes.

The survey reported by UK-based Hucknall Dispatch said that non-vegetarians are "selfish in bed and unhappy in their sex lives compared to vegetarians".

Nearly 500 vegetarians - of which 38% were vegans - and 500 non-vegetarian people were surveyed by UK's largest extra-marital portal to reach this conclusion.

The majority of vegetarians (57%) said they make love three-four times a week compared to most meat-eaters who only enjoyed the action between the sheets one-two times a week (49%).

"Nearly 84% of vegetarians report that they are satisfied in their sex lives, compared to only 59% of meat-eaters".

Vegetarians enjoy foreplay and dirty talking more than non-vegetarian "Vegetarians eat foods that are known for their aphrodisiac properties - Maca, fenugreek leaves, ginseng, aniseed. There is a host of different veggies that are natural aphrodisiacs that promote sexual excitement,"'s Jessica Leoni was quoted as saying in the report.

Interestingly, 95% of the vegan participants said they were satisfied with their sex lives.

Vegetarians enjoy making out (92%), foreplay (88%), and dirty talk (48%) - way more than meat-eaters (79%, 68%, and 35%, respectively).

Least enjoyable for both vegetarians (26%) and meat-eaters (15%) was bondage.

"I just thought it was an age-related thing. Now I-m on a plant-based diet, I have more energy and I'm more open to trying out new things," Heather, 39, and a vegan was quoted as saying.

Plant-based foods are high in zinc and vitamins B, which can increase libido - bananas, chickpeas, and avocados, in particular, are good for this.

Going vegan can also increase serotonin levels, which can both boost sex drive and increase happiness.

So, it's not just about losing weight or saving the environment - turning a vegetarian can also help in steaming up things between and your partner as well.

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