Global Shortage in Condom Supplies - Coronavirus Impact

Global Shortage in Condom Supplies - Coronavirus Impact
While there has been a lot of change in everyone's life with this lockdown, there is a strange unspoken fact of shortage in condom supplies all over india. People being stuck in their homes, away from offices, parties and other distractions, couples are rediscovering each other.

The global covid 19 flu has increased intimacy in couples locked down together. Looks like couples living in big metro cities who are always busy with work or other things are finally covering up all the lack of love life and dedicatedly focusing on unleashing their sexual desires.

With an increasing demand of groceries, food supplies and medicines, huge demand for condoms and contraceptive pills have also been noticed in all major parts of the country.

Many major condom producing companies have announced this as a breakdown due to such an increasing demand and decreased workforce for production units. This could be a tough time for all the couples facing this deficiency.

A famous psychiatrist has quoted that in times of war the intimacy level rises in couples. With an increasing demand and short supplies of condoms, we can expect a baby boom in december 2020.

Many couples who were struggling to find time for each other while coping up with extremely busy day to day life. The 21 days lockdown is no less than a blessing to such couples.

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