More people are expected to turn into gambling addicts amidst the corona lockdown matter

More people are expected to turn into gambling addicts amidst the corona lockdown matter
India is one of those countries that have imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease. The lockdown has caused changes in a lot of things and is still causing more.

Many Indians have been trying to manage the new "lockdown life". Most of them have faced a lack of activity. In search of activities to keep themselves busy, a lot of them have resorted to gambling.

This has resulted in an increase in activities on online casinos. More gamblers are beginning to use their gambling accounts regularly while new people are signing up.

Several online casinos in India have testified to the increase in traffic experienced on their platforms. Players in India are playing all sorts of games like Roulette, Blackjack, Pokers, etc.

The increase in the advertisement of online casinos and gambling sites has contributed to this. Quite a number of people in India who surf the internet regularly are coming across different casino advertisements. The attractive offers of getting more money while enjoying games surely get their attention. Thus, the demand for online casinos in the country has surged greatly.

Also, people who have been trying to fight gambling addiction are now finding it difficult to continue. Without activities to keep them busy, they have gotten carried away by the juicy offers shown in gambling advertisements. Many of them have gone back to gambling to while away time and for the chance of making more money.

Gambling authorities have raised concerns that those who are not addicts are facing the risks of becoming addicted. The lockdown gives them a lot of time to spend on casinos. The availability of many online mobile casinos also makes it easy for them to access the casinos and games readily.

People in isolation centers are also using more of their time to gamble. The lack of family members or friends around them leaves them with very little choices. Some of them are also worried about their jobs and their future. They see gambling as an opportunity to make some money while being in isolation.

Many online casinos keep trying to promote responsible gambling on their sites. However, this has not stopped players from going overboard. Some players are gambling more than they intend and some are even borrowing to gamble. For this reason, many countries in different nations are beginning to set new limits to online betting during the lockdown.

An example is Sweden, a country where online gambling is huge. The government of the country announced plans to limit money transfer into online casino sites to $495.

Other countries like Belgium and Spain have also taken steps to limit online gambling during the lockdown. Latvia has even imposed a total ban.

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