Twitter Labels Ludhiana As The Most Romantic Indian City

Twitter Labels Ludhiana As The Most Romantic Indian City
A study by micro-blogging site Twitter India on Tuesday revealed that Ludhiana topped the charts for conversations on romance, followed by Ahmedabad and Kolkata while Raipur led conversations around animals.

In addition to 'romance', Ludhiana was among the top three cities across themes of 'doing good deeds' and 'food'. Other themes of joy that saw interest and contribution from people of Ludhiana were: 'Animals', 'friendship' and 'humour'. Likewise, friendship was also one of the top themes of joyful Twitter conversations in Ludhiana last year.

The study conducted by Twitter revealed the ten most talked about themes on micro-blogging which brought Joy to people across the country in 2019.

As per the 'Conversation Replay' study, in 2019, themes such as animals, celebration, celebrity content, doing good deeds, family, food, humour, nostalgia, romance and sports drove joyful conversations on Twitter.

For the findings, the research team studied 8,50,000 tweets across 22 cities in India from September-November 2019, over a 100-day framework.

Twitter is a modern public square where diverse voices discuss and share their views on topics and conversations that interest them. Last year, people were celebrating and revelling in many joys of life, and with Conversation Replay, our intent is to throw back to those vibrant conversations, across varied themes of joy from diverse parts of the country, to encourage people to celebrate life," Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director, Twitter India, said in a statement.

"Sharing these conversations is our way of giving Indians a moment of happiness and reminding them that little pleasures lead to joy," Maheshwari added.

"On Twitter, we see people celebrating moments of romantic love. These include vibrantly coloured pictures of couples smiling, laughing, embracing, or posing together during holidays. Images are usually decorated with stickers and text, showing a touch of playfulness and light-heartedness," he said.

The study revealed that southern cities like Ernakulam, Hyderabad and Chennai led conversations across themes of sports, food, celebration, celebrity content and humour.

According to the report, Bhubaneswar had the most conversations around the family and doing good deeds, whereas Mumbai led conversations on nostalgia.

The data also showed that Hyderabad led engagement around celebration, followed by Indore, and Visakhapatnam. Chennai led engagement around celebrity content, followed by Visakhapatnam and Coimbatore.

People on Twitter witnessed great joy through this conversation theme, with Bhubaneswar being the top city Tweeting and contributing to it, followed closely by Ludhiana and Mohali.

"With Conversation Replay, we hope to delight people with a throwback to the unique, happy, and joyful moments that they Tweeted about in 2019," said Martyn Uren, Head of Research - APAC & MENA, Twitter.

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