Chenna Murgi Recipe


  • Sugar Syrup
  • Rose Essence
  • 2 ltr Cow Milk


  1. Boil the milk; add citric acid powder and simmer.
  2. When the milk curdles, take the pan off the flame and separate the whey, from the curdled residue.
  3. Hang it in a muslin cloth and let it drip and make cottage cheese from it.
  4. Cut the cottage cheese into small pieces.
  5. Heat the sugar syrup in a pan and dip these pieces in it for around 15 minutes.
  6. Keep it heating and slowly pour 4 ltr of water into it.
  7. Take the pieces out of the pan and dip again in cold rose essence sugar syrup.
  8. Now take it out and garnish it with pista and all.

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