Moong Daal Burfi Recipe


  • 250 ml Milk
  • 250 gms Sugar
  • 2 Silver Sheets
  • 200 gms Desi Ghee
  • Chopped Dry fruits
  • 250 gms Moong daal


  1. Soak the daal overnight.
  2. Rub and wash it, removing the outer green skin.
  3. Drain the daal and grind it to a thick paste using little water.
  4. Heat ghee in wok. Add the paste and fry it on a medium flame.
  5. When the moisture dries, the daal turns light pink and the fat separates, add the sugar.
  6. Stir and keep sprinkling milk over.
  7. When the sugar dissolves and the mixture becomes thick and semi solid remove it from the fire.
  8. Spread down evenly on a greased metal tray. Decorate with dry fruits and silver sheets.
  9. Cut into desired shapes.

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