Apricot halwa Recipe


  • 25 gms Ghee
  • 50 gms Sugar
  • tsp Kesar Threads
  • 200 gms dry Apricots
  • 100 ml Rabri, (reduced, thickened milk)
  • 50 gm Mawa (milk, boiled & reduced to paste)


  1. Soak dried apricots overnight in water and chop coarsely.
  2. Cook apricots with ghee till ghee oozes out from the sides.
  3. Add sugar to the cooked mixture.
  4. Finish the halwa with grated mawa.
  5. Fill two-thirds of a bowl with the halwa and top with rabdi.
  6. Gratinate the rabdi before serving.
  7. Garnish with saffron threads and serve hot.

Tip: Cover freezer trays with a sheet of plastic held in place with a large rubber band to avoid crystal formation in the icecream.

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