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Fudgy BrowniesFudgy Brownies

Rich, sticky and fudgy with the crunch of the nuts and the chocolate

Champagne Delight CakeChampagne Delight Cake

Multilayered Champagne cake with marshmallows and coconut

Strawberry Cheese CakeStrawberry Cheese Cake

Easy to make cake recipe made of quark cheese, flour and eggs..

Raisin BrowniesRaisin Brownies

These brownies are made with raisins, walnuts, butter, eggs and cocoa powder.

Black Currant ShortcakeBlack Currant Shortcake

Lip smacking multilayered cake with blackcurrant mousse.

Red Velvet CakeRed Velvet Cake

Another Christmas special made with eggs, milk, vinegar, et al

Pumpkin RollPumpkin Roll

Rools made in oven with pumpkin puree, cream cheese, eggs & butter

Caramel CakeCaramel Cake

A sweet, spicy cake with pockets of yummy caramel sauce

Cherry Almond CakeCherry Almond Cake

Cherries, almonds, butter, eggs and flour are the main costitutents of this cake

Milk CakeMilk Cake

A simple recipe, constitutes milk, flour, butter and baking soda and sugar

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