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Chicken and Palak SoupChicken and Palak Soup

A healthy and nutritious soup made of chicken stock, spinach & red lentils

Chicken and Almond SoupChicken and Almond Soup

A healthy and creamy soup of chicken, almonds, carrot, peas & herbs

Chicken and Coconut soupChicken and Coconut soup

A soup made with chcken stock, boneless chicken, coconut milk and mushrooms

Chicken and Pea soupChicken and Pea soup

Soup made with chicken stock, rice, peas, eggs and chicken breast

Chicken Noodle SoupChicken Noodle Soup

Chicken broth and shreds made with mushrooms and vegetables

Broccoli Chicken SoupBroccoli Chicken Soup

Chicken chunks and broth made with garlic paste, noodles, cheese and broccoli

Chicken- Lentil Curry SoupChicken- Lentil Curry Soup

Chicken stock and Arhar dal made with ginger-garlic paste and condiments

Chicken-Mushroom SoupChicken-Mushroom Soup

Soup made with sherry, onions and carrot

Chicken-Rice SoupChicken-Rice Soup

A filler made with chicken pieces, rice, onion, milk and condiments

Vegetable Chicken SoupVegetable Chicken Soup

Chicken flavoured soup with the advantages of vegetables

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