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Chicken Pecan SaladChicken Pecan Salad

Christmas speciality made with pecans, apples, celery, mayonnaise & chicken

Curried Chicken SaladCurried Chicken Salad

Chicken cubes made with curd, mayonnaise, curry paste and raisins

Plum Ginger Chicken SaladPlum Ginger Chicken Salad

Prawn salad made with apples, paprika, mint, curd, tomato puree and lemon juice

Chicken Macaroni SaladChicken Macaroni Salad

Chicken and Macaroni in a tomato-cream dressing

Chicken Mayonnaise Salad Chicken Mayonnaise Salad

Chicken breasts` shreds served in eggs, cream, lettuce, pineapple and mayonnaise

Chicken SaladChicken Salad

Tangy and spicy Chicken salad

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