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Gond Katira DrinkGond Katira Drink

Cool Down with this healthy and delicious drink.

Watermelon LemonadeWatermelon Lemonade

A soothing, light, cool and refreshing drink to beat the heat

Mango-Mint LassiMango-Mint Lassi

A smooth & creamy drink made of mango & yogurt, with a hint of mint and lime.

Grapefruit Mint CoolerGrapefruit Mint Cooler

A refreshing cooler made of sugar syrup, mint grapefruit juice and soda water


A perfect cooler for the summers; made of lime juice and castor sugar

Peach LassiPeach Lassi

A beverage made of beaten yoghurt, banana and peaches.

Rose WaterRose Water

The classic Middle Eastern drink from which the western Julep takes its name.


Refreshing beverage made by blending lime n lemon juice along with egg white.

Iced CoffeeIced Coffee

Strong sweetened coffee served over ice with cream.


A mint flavoured thirst quencher made of apple n lemon juice.

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