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Chocolate Chip CookiesChocolate Chip Cookies

A delicious cookie recipe made with egg, butter, flour, walnuts chocolate chips.

Cheese cookiesCheese cookies

Cookies made on Xmas with pecans, cheese, flour & chilli powder

Thumbprint cookiesThumbprint cookies

Cookies made for Christmas with eggs, choco chips, cocoa, milk & flour

Pecan Roll CookiesPecan Roll Cookies

Cookies made with chopped pecans, flour, butter & sugar

Chocolate Walnut CookiesChocolate Walnut Cookies

Cookies made with clarified butter, egg, walnuts and cocoa powder

Pumpkin Orange CookiesPumpkin Orange Cookies

Moist, pumpkin-flavored cookies, drizzled with an orange glaze

Cream Cheese CookiesCream Cheese Cookies

Cookiesmade with eggs, cream cheese, flour, sugar, et al

Coconut CookiesCoconut Cookies

Crunchy Coconut flavored cookies

Peanut Butter CookiesPeanut Butter Cookies

Crunchy cookies made with Peanut Butter

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