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Mango KheerMango Kheer

A Smooth, delicious kheer flavored with cardamom, mango pulp, and saffron

Mango BurfiMango Burfi

Special Indian Fudge with mango pulp, nuts, sugar and ghee.

Sweet Mango RiceSweet Mango Rice

Basmati rice cooked in milk with mango pulp; flavoured with kesar and cardamom.

Mango TrifleMango Trifle

A dessert including sponge cake, mangoes and thick cream.

Mango CrunchMango Crunch

A lovely tropical treat made by baking rolled oats, tart apples and mangoes.

Mango KulfiMango Kulfi

The creamy and rich mango ice-cream with saffron and pistachios.

Mango SouffleMango Souffle

It is light and not too sweet. It goes well when serves with fresh mango slices.

Mango PuddingMango Pudding

This simple creamy and silky rich dessert with the glorious flavor of mango.

Mango Ice CreamMango Ice Cream

Simple n easy ice cream recipe to beat the of scorching summers.

Mango SherbetMango Sherbet

A frozen, mango flavored frozen dessert made with cream and egg whites.

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