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One of the favourite drink of holi. Bhang can also have an aphrodisiac effect.

Jal JeeraJal Jeera

A salty n spicy drink that act as an appetiser and is excellent digestive.

Beer BusterBeer Buster

Chilled beer served with Vodka and 2 dashes of Tabasco


A reminder of Holi festivities and the advent of summers

Alice SpringsAlice Springs

Gin cocktail made with grenadine, bitters, soda and lemon and orange juice


Get knocked out with a mix of gin, vermouth and Creme de Menthe

Stormy WeatherStormy Weather

Weather the storm with gin, vermouth & Mandarine Napoleon Liquer


Cointreau,passion fruit, lime juice & Creole shrub are added to Tequila

Honey WaterHoney Water

A Tequila special made with Grand Mariner, Vermouth & bitters

Silk StockingSilk Stocking

A smooth concoction made with Tequila, grenadine, & Creme de Cacao

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