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Iced Indian dessertIced Indian dessert

An Indian dessert with lots of fruits,nuts & cream in a new style

Mango Pineapple GranitaMango Pineapple Granita

An eclectic combo ofpineapple & mango chunks in a frozen scoop.

Mango CrispMango Crisp

A delectable dish of mangoes with ice cream for a refreshing treat

Strawberry Grapefruit Sherbet Strawberry Grapefruit Sherbet

A perfect finale with a smooth mix of grapes and strawberries

Mango Lime SherbetMango Lime Sherbet

A zara hat ke drink for the mango lovers

Banana BonanzaBanana Bonanza

A frozen delight prepared with eggs, milk, cream and bananas

Kesar KulfiKesar Kulfi

A Punjabi speciality made with almonds, milk products, saffron and flour

Citrus Ice CreamCitrus Ice Cream

Ice cream made with oranges, lemon, milk and cream


A traditional recipe made with whole milk, cream, sugar and nuts

Page: 2