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Creamy Hot CocoaCreamy Hot Cocoa

Creamy hot cocoa is made with vailla extract, salt & half and half

Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate

Hot milk made with vanilla, salt, cream, cocoa & cinnamon powder

Hot CocoaHot Cocoa

Hot milk preapared with milk, sugar & cocoa powder

Kashmiri KahwaKashmiri Kahwa

Kashmiri tea had after meals, made with saffron, honey, almonds and cardamom

Indian-Spiced CoffeeIndian-Spiced Coffee

An Indianised Coffee drink made with condiments

Masala TeaMasala Tea

A traditional tea recipe made with ginger and cardamom powder

Elaichi DoodhElaichi Doodh

A bed-time favourite cardomom flavoured milk served hot

Frothy Hot CoffeeFrothy Hot Coffee

An instant preparation for a Coffee break

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