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Spaghetti and MeatballsSpaghetti and Meatballs

Meatballs, cooked in chicken stock, with tomato sauce served over spaghetti.

Lamb KheemaLamb Kheema

Finely minced lamb cooked in chicken stock, garnished with tomatoes and mint.

Badami LambBadami Lamb

Saffron and almonds makes rich n sweet sauce thats flavoursome but not hot.

Mutton BrothMutton Broth

Goat meat broth made with onion, celery, turnip, carrot & parsley

Mutton KormaMutton Korma

Lamb prepared in traditional gravy, condiments and spices

Meat PasandaMeat Pasanda

Lamb cubes made in traditional gravy, nuts, butter and cream

Dahi MeatDahi Meat

Lamb cubes made in traditional gravy, curd, condiments and spices

Palak MeatPalak Meat

Boned lamb made in spinach and traditional gravy

Dil Pasand Mutton KormaDil Pasand Mutton Korma

Minced mutton made with curd, ginger, coriander and condiments

Methi MuttonMethi Mutton

A lamb dish made with corriander and spinach

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