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Lamb PullaoLamb Pullao

A rice dish containing minced meat, vaieety of spices and herbs

Chicken PullaoChicken Pullao

Basmati rice cooked with chicken, herbs, spices

Fragrant Meat PullaoFragrant Meat Pullao

This rice dish is cooked with richly flavoured meat stock, spices and herbs

Tandoori ChickenTandoori Chicken

An all time favourite of Pinjabis made in clay oven after marination

Fish FriedFish Fried

Fish deep-fried in mustard oil or vegetable oil after marination

Butter ChickenButter Chicken

Chicken made with rich gravy of cream, clarified butter and ginger-garlic paste

Palak ChickenPalak Chicken

Chicken cooked with spinach and served with Indian bread

Chicken Tikka MasalaChicken Tikka Masala

An International hot favourite boneless chicken made with gravy

Masaaledar MachchiMasaaledar Machchi

A fresh water fish sauted prepared in spices and condiments

Mint Chicken BiryaniMint Chicken Biryani

Rice and chicken made with coriander, onion, coconut milk and condiments

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