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Grilled Fish FilletsGrilled Fish Fillets

Delicious fish that you can be grilled completely without sacrificing any flavou

Fried FishFried Fish

A quick to cook Fish snack with a mouth watering flavour of garlic.

Fish SticksFish Sticks

Deep fried sticks of fish and boiled potatoes coated with egg and breadcrumbs

Deep Fried PrawnDeep Fried Prawn

Prawns deep fried with sauted ginger, garlic and chillies.

Grilled PomfretGrilled Pomfret

Whole pomfret grilled after marinating with gram flour, lemon juice & condiments

Grilled Salmon FilletsGrilled Salmon Fillets

Fillets of Salmon grilled with garlic paste, olive oil, coriander & lemon juice

Fish FriedFish Fried

Fish deep-fried in mustard oil or vegetable oil after marination

Fish SouffleFish Souffle

Pomfre fish made with butter, egg white, capsicum, spring onions and wheat flour

Fish CutletsFish Cutlets

A deep-fried fish recipe made with potatoes, onions and bread crumbs

Prawn CutletsPrawn Cutlets

Deep-fried prawns made with bread crumbs and Onion-Ginger juice

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