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Shrimp Rice SoupShrimp Rice Soup

Shelled shrimp cooked with coconut milk, rice, garlic, onion & tomatoes

Fish soupFish soup

Soup made with cooked fish, onion, parsley, paprika & garlic paste

Shellfish SoupShellfish Soup

Soup of shellfish and fish broth made with onion, garlic, tomatoes and lemon

Creamy Prawn SoupCreamy Prawn Soup

Unsheeledprawns made with chicken cubes, tomato puree, garlic, flour and onion

Fish Ball SoupFish Ball Soup

Deboned fish made into balls with ginger, garlic, onion and made into soup.

Shrimp SoupShrimp Soup

A light soup of Shrimps made with garlic, onion and condiments

Sea SoupSea Soup

Slices of pomfret boiled with cabbage, garlic, sugar and condiments

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