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Vrat Ke UttapamVrat Ke Uttapam

A delicious and simple uttapam recipe that can be enjoyed as a snack during navratri fast.

Sama Rice PulaoSama Rice Pulao

Navratri Special recipe of Sama Rice with deep fried balls of khoya, paneer and singhade ka atta.

Sabudana VadaSabudana Vada

A nutritious and crunchy, Navratri special snack made wirh sago, panuts and potatoes.

Kuttu Ke PakoreKuttu Ke Pakore

Crispy and healthy snack made from buckwheat flour and potatoes

Sabudana CutletsSabudana Cutlets

A great snack of boiled potatoes and Sabudana for Navratras.

Aloo MethiAloo Methi

Spicypotatoes cooked with fenugreek leaves, tomatoes and butter

Bharwan Aloo TandooriBharwan Aloo Tandoori

Tandoori potatoes with stuffing of cottage cheese, khoya and cashewnuts

Deep Fried Baby PotatoesDeep Fried Baby Potatoes

Am easy to cook and quick recipe of chatpate deep fried baby potatoes.

Kaju and Makhana in GravyKaju and Makhana in Gravy

Makhana and peas in the creamy gravy of cashewnuts.

Peanuts and Til with PotatoesPeanuts and Til with Potatoes

Boiled potatoes cooked in with peanuts & condiments, garnished with sesame seeds

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