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Sweet DumplingsSweet Dumplings

Sweet dumplings of cashewnuts and raisins in a batter of refined flour

Gajar Ke TukdeGajar Ke Tukde

Slices of pancakes with carrot pudding & cottage cheese

Beetroot LadoosBeetroot Ladoos

Ladoos of roasted suji and beetroot with nuts and honey

Rava KesariRava Kesari

Also known as semolina pudding, made of fried suji, milk and dried fruits.


A colourful sweetmeat from Agra. White pumpkin is candied with sugar.

Moong Daal BurfiMoong Daal Burfi

A sweetmeat made with paste of green grams fried in ghee and cooked in milk

Besan BurfiBesan Burfi

A diwali sweetmeat made of gram flour in desi ghee

Chenna MurgiChenna Murgi

Small pieces of cheese made from cow's milk dipped in sugar syrup

Kancha GolaKancha Gola

A sweet dish from Bengal made of cottage cheese

Anjeer BurfiAnjeer Burfi

A special fudge made of figs, almonds, pistachios, almonds and cashewnuts

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