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A very popular Indian sweet made out of thickened milk


Sweet from north India made of khoya, black gram and dry fruits in desi ghee

Motichur LadooMotichur Ladoo

A Punjabi special sweet made on festive occasions with flour, sugar & almonds

Gulab JamunsGulab Jamuns

Brown colored dumplings of maida and reduced milk soaked in scented sugar syrup


A Bengali speciality made with spongy cheese balls, dipped in sugar syrup


A festive special that is made with curd, sugar, refined flour and baking soda

Sohan HalwaSohan Halwa

A very tasty Diwali special made with milk, refined flour, sugar & nuts

Mysore PakMysore Pak

A South Indian speciality amde only with gram flour, sugar and clarified butter

Kaju KatliKaju Katli

A festive special made with corn flour, cashews, sugar and rose essence


An all time favourite sweet made with milk products and cardamoms

Page: 2