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Thick sweetened milk made by boiling down fresh milk with dry fruits and saffron

Chiku BurfiChiku Burfi

Indian sweet made of chiku and khoya.

Badam HalwaBadam Halwa

Almond pudding with cashews, pistachios, raisins and essences.

Grilled BananasGrilled Bananas

Grilled bananas served wtih spiced butter

Beetroot HalwaBeetroot Halwa

Beetroot pudding made in milk with fried nuts.

Carrot KheerCarrot Kheer

Fried carrots cooked in milk with raisins, cardamom and saffron


Most favorite Bengali sweet made with Paneer - Stuffed rosogollas

Jibhe GajaaJibhe Gajaa

A sweet roundels made with flour, sugar, oil & baking soda

Gokul PitheGokul Pithe

The traditional Pithe (Sweet pie) made with coconut, milk, oil & flour

Singhare ki BurfiSinghare ki Burfi

A sweetmeat made with chestnut flour & milk products

Page: 2