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A tequilla-based fruit cocktail with egg yolk & orange juice.


Cocktail made of vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec n lemons.

Acapulco BlissAcapulco Bliss

A tequila cocktail with banana liqueur, passion fruit juice & galliano.

Tijuana SlingTijuana Sling

Tequila drink made with crème de cassis, bitters, lime juice and ginger ale.

Cobalt MargaritaCobalt Margarita

This tequila cocktail is made with Cointreau and Blue Curacao

Bloody MariaBloody Maria

Bloody Maria is the Mexican variation of the more well known drink Bloody Mary

Coco LocoCoco Loco

A cocktail of rum, vodka and tequila with coconut cream and lemon juice


An all time favourite made with tequila, cointreau & lime juice


A long drink made with cointreau, tequila, Grand Marnier & lime

Frozen StrawberryFrozen Strawberry

A strawberry liqueur mix made with tequila, lime juice & strawberries

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