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Rice KheerRice Kheer

A quick and easy sweet dish for every occasions.

Sweet Kachori

A snack made with dough and filled with sweet saffron syrup after frying


Prepared with dough, khoya and dry fruit and deep fried

Ras MalaiRas Malai

A traditional Bengali sweetmeat made with milk, refined flour & dry fruits

Vemicelli kheer

An after meal dessert made with cream, cream and dry fruits


A traditional favourite made with milk, oil & dry fruits


A Holi special dish made with curd, milk & dry fruits, served cold

Fruit RabriFruit Rabri

Winter special served at festive occasions, made with milk, sugar, grapes & nuts

Kesar KheerKesar Kheer

A rice pudding made with milk, sugar & dry fruits

Gajjar ka HalwaGajjar ka Halwa

Carrot Halwa also known as `Gajar Pak` and had in winter

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