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Colorful PullaoColorful Pullao

This lightly spiced rice is an attractive accompaniment to many Balti dishes

Pea and Mushroom PullaoPea and Mushroom Pullao

An easy to cook rice dish with mushrooms and peas

Fruity PullaoFruity Pullao

A nutritious dish of basmati rice cooked with with almonds and raisins

Saffron & Cardamom Flavoured RiceSaffron & Cardamom Flavoured Rice

Kesar & elaichi flavoured rice cooked by draining water to get rid of starch

Chilli Beans with RiceChilli Beans with Rice

A great combination of rajmah, tomatoes, and other vegetables with basmati rice


The classic punjabi recipe of basmati rice and yellow lentils

Rice and Corn RingRice and Corn Ring

Basmati rice baked along with cooked corn and served with sauted mushrooms.

Methi PulaoMethi Pulao

Rice cooked with methi, coconut, spices n herbs & medley of vegetables.

Hari Bhari BiryaniHari Bhari Biryani

Rice cooked with vegetables, herbs & spices with a touch of khuskhus and paneer.

Orange RiceOrange Rice

Rice cooked in sugar & orange juice and served with caramelised almonds.

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