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A Russian cocktail of vodka, white rum and milk with lemon juice

White RussianWhite Russian

A creamy and dreamy cocktail of vodka, kahlua, heavy cream topped with chocolate

Golden RussianGolden Russian

Russian cocktail of vodka, galliano, half & haf.


A delicious recipe for Boston Cocktail, with gin, vodka, simple syrup and lemons

Moscow MuleMoscow Mule

A Russian cocktail made with vodka and lime juice topped with ginger ale.


A somple concoction of vodka & green crème de menthe fizzed withj soda.

Iced Lemon and Mint VodkaIced Lemon and Mint Vodka

A potion of vodka, lime cordial, tonic water and lemon juice.

Melon BallMelon Ball

A delicious cocktail with vodka, melon liqueur and orange juice.

Black RussianBlack Russian

Another easy to make short drink with vodka and kahlua.

Kiwi and Watermelon PirojkaKiwi and Watermelon Pirojka

A vodka cocktail made with kiwi, watermelon & mint leaves

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