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Scotch SolaceScotch Solace

One of the few recipes to partner whisky n cream; gives solace to cold symptoms

Barbary CoastBarbary Coast

A whiskey based creamy cocktail with gin, heavy cream topped with chocolate.

Virginia Mint JulepVirginia Mint Julep

Bourbon whiskey served with sugar syrup and mint.


A whisky based cocktail prepared with scotch whisky, benedictine and ginger ale.

Scottish CoffeeScottish Coffee

A hot coffee with scotch whisky. Ideal conclusion to a meal on a cold evening.


A cool drink made with scotch and amaretto.

Whisky HighballWhisky Highball

A straight-forward mix of whisky and soda water

Rusty NailRusty Nail

A head-hitter made with scotch, Drambuie & Amaretto

Whiskey Sour 1Whiskey Sour 1

Same as `Whiskey Sour` but egg white added to it

New York CocktailNew York Cocktail

Nothing to do with New york, made primarily with whiskey & Grenadine

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