• Gham Se Marta Hun Ki Itna Nahi Duniya Mein Koi;
    Ki Kare Taziyat-e-Mehr-o-Wafa Mere Baad;
    Aaye Hai Bekasi-e-Ishq Pe Rona Ghalib;
    Kiske Ghar Jayega Sailab-e-Bala Mere Baad!

    I perish with grief, the world offers no companion,
    To give rituals of succour for love and fidelity, in my aftermath.
    I am weeping for that soul-sick, outcast love, Ghalib,
    Whose habitat will be visited by its turmoil, in my aftermath.
    ~ Mirza Ghalib
  • Husn Ghamze Kee Kashakash Se Chuta Mere Baad;
    Bade Aaram Se Hain Ahl-e-Jafa Mere Baad;
    Mansab-e-Sheftagi Ke Koi Qabil Na Raha;
    Hui Mazooli-e-Andaz-o-Ada Mere Baad!

    The clash between beauty and seduction is assuaged in my aftermath,
    The faithless are consequently at peace in my aftermath.
    No one is left worthy of the eminence of deire's insanity,
    The manner and the ways of love are banished in my aftermath.
    ~ Mirza Ghalib
  • Manzar Ik Bulandi Par Aur Hum Bana Sake;
    Arsh Se Idhar Hota Kaash Ki Makaan Apna;
    De Woh Jis Kadar Zillat Hum Hansi Mein Taalenge;
    Baare Aashna Nikla Unka Paasban Apna!

    Could we build on some pre-eminence and see what lay below,
    If only we had a different home, apart from the sky.
    However much he insults me, I can take it with a smile,
    By chance, the beloved's guard turns out to be a friend.
    ~ Mirza Ghalib
  • Zikar Us Parivash Ka Aur Bayaan Apna;
    Ban Geya Raqeeb Aakhir Tha Jo Raazdaan Apna;
    Mai Woh Kyon Bahut Peete Bazm-e-Ghair Mein Ya Rab;
    Aaj Hi Hua Manzoor Unko Imtihaan Apna!

    Discourse over that ravishment, compounded with my eloquence,
    Made a rival out of he, who used to be my confidant.
    Oh Lord! Why would they imbibe so much in a stranger's gathering,
    The limits of my endurance were put to the test today.
    ~ Mirza Ghalib
  • Zulmat Kade Mein Mere Shab-e-Gham Ka Josh Hai;
    Ek Shamma Hai Daleel-e-Sahar So Khamosh Hai;
    Na Muzhda-e-Visaal Na Nazara-e-Jamal;
    Muddat Hui Ki Aashti-e-Chashm-o-Ghosh Hai!

    The visible darkness of my home is intensified by the night of pain,
    The only proof of dawn is but a candle which has already been spent.
    There is no word of an encounter, nor the joy of beholding,
    For an age now, there has been peace between sight and hearing.
    ~ Mirza Ghalib
  • Apni Gali Mein Mujh Ko Na Kar Dafn Baad-e-Qatl;
    Mere Pate Se Khalak Ko Kyon Tera Ghar Mile;
    Saqi Gari Kee Sharm Karo Aaj Varna Hum;
    Har Shab Piya Hi Karte Hain Mai Jis Kadar Mile!

    Do not bury me in your alley after my murder,
    Why should my address bring the world to your home.
    Practice the properieties of wine bearing today,
    Other nights, I imbibe whatever can be found.
    ~ Mirza Ghalib
  • Jaan Tum Par Nisaar Karta Hun;
    Main Nahi Jaanta Dua Kya Hai;
    Maine Maana Ki Kuch Nahi Ghalib;
    Muft Haath Aaye To Bura Kya Hai!

    I sacrifice my life for you,
    I never knew what prayer is.
    I concede that Ghalib is nothing,
    If it comes free, what's the harm in it?
    ~ Mirza Ghalib
  • Hum Ko Unse Hai Wafa Kee Umeed;<br/>
Jo Nahi Jaante Wafa Kya Hai;<br/>
Haan Bhala Kar Tera Bhala Hoga;<br/>
Aur Darvesh Kee Sada Kya Hai!<br/><br/>

We hope for fidelity from them,<br/>
Who do not know what fidelity may be.<br/>
Yes, do well, well will come to you,<br/>
What else is the Dervish's cry?
    Hum Ko Unse Hai Wafa Kee Umeed;
    Jo Nahi Jaante Wafa Kya Hai;
    Haan Bhala Kar Tera Bhala Hoga;
    Aur Darvesh Kee Sada Kya Hai!

    We hope for fidelity from them,
    Who do not know what fidelity may be.
    Yes, do well, well will come to you,
    What else is the Dervish's cry?
    ~ Mirza Ghalib
  • Main Bhi Munh Mein Jubaan Rakhta Hun;
    Kaash Pucho Ki Mudda Kya Hai;
    Jab Ki Tujh Bin Nahi Koi Maujood;
    Phir Yeh Hungama Ai Khuda Kya Hai!

    I also have a tongue in my mouth,
    If only you could ask its articulation,
    if there is nothing apart from you, Oh Lord!
    Then what is this continual turmoil.
    ~ Mirza Ghalib
  • Dil-e-Nadaan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai;
    Aakhir Is Dard Kee Dawa Kya Hai;
    Hum Hain Mushtaaq Aur Wo Bezaar;
    Ya Ilaahi Yeh Maajra Kya Hai!

    Oh errant heart, what has transpired now,
    Finally, what is the cure for this ache,
    I desrie, the Other is indifferent,
    Ah God, what is this performance.
    ~ Mirza Ghalib