• Take a needle and thread and run it through every pair of underwear/bra in the victim's drawer, so that they are attached in one long string. When they get dressed, they will grab one pair but end up with so many of them.
  • Turn around the batteries of the TV remote and watch as your victim tries to surf different channels.
  • Smear chocolate pudding on the toilet seat and enjoy the victim's horrified reaction!
  • For teenagers: Get a realistic-looking fake tattoo. Put it on some part of your body that can be partially seen, then accidentally expose it to your parents & enjoy the reaction.
  • Pour some yellow food colour into the cistern(tank) of your victim's toilet. Then wait for your victim to use the toilet. The victim would try to flush the urine but won't be able to flush it down!
  • Find a house key (or a car key) that looks identical to the victim's key and switch it in the key-ring when the victim is engrossed in something else. Enjoy when the victim tries desperately to unlock the door.