• What is common b/w fools and smart persons?
    Smart compose the message for fools to circulate.
    Happy April Fool!
  • Who is the smartest fool?
    U. In any case, U still are a fool.
    Happy "All Fools' day"!
  • Best SMS Of 1950s:
    Was there a mobile phone at that time?
    Use some common sense. U just start enjoying whatever is sent to U.
    Happy April Fool!
  • A Fool is a Fool, whether it is January or February. But the ones who March into April make the best Fools. May U remain the same Fool in June & July so that yr August presence in September, October, November & December dawns a new great New Year!
  • A: U r Attractive
    B: U r Bright
    C: U r Chic
    D: U r Delightful
    E: U r Extra-ordinary
    F: U r Fantastic
    G: U r Gracious
    H: U r Hygenic
    I: I am
    J: Just Joking
    Happy All Fools' Day!
  • If today someone compliments U for yr:
    Pl give a hard slap to that person.
    He has no right to fool U b4 April 1st.
  • God made daylight & it's called Sun;
    God made entertainment & it's called Fun;
    God made nightlight & it's called Moon;
    God made you and it's called Cartoon.
    Happy April Fool!
  • Everything has a day;
    Every dog has a day;
    Every festival has a day;
    Every fool too, has a day!
    Hope you are enjoying yours!
    Happy 1st April!
  • Plz Open this message on the 1st of next month.
    I know Y can't wait so accept my conrats for being teh first fool of this year.
    Happy All Fools' Day!
  • April 24 for Sachin;
    July 01 for Lady Diana;
    July 16 for Katrina Kaif;
    October 11 for Amitabh;
    April 01 only for you! Enjoy the day!