• If you ever want to commit suicide, jump from Saif Ali Khan`s Ego Level to Kareena Kapoor`s IQ Level.
  • Saif Ali Khan: Have I punched it large?
  • What is common between all 3 Royal Stag brand ambassadors: Harbhajan Singh, Saif Ali Khan & Shah Rukh Khan - all of them are slapgate heroes.
  • Why did Saif punch the NRI businessman?
    The extra Wasabi made him hear Teryaki as Teri Maaki.
  • Saif says his eye was swollen after the brawl. Actually, everyone noticed a swollen head.
  • Why did Saif punch the NRI businessman?
    Wasabi hit him and he wanted to reciprocate.
  • Sirish Kunder wasn't impressed with Ra.One, so a special screening of Kha.One was held by SRK.
  • Breaking News: Farah Khan & Sirish Kunder invited for Dinner at Salman Khan's place.
  • Contestant # 1 for Bigg Boss 6: Sirish Kunder
  • Whatever SRK touches becomes Gold. He makes someone named Sirish Kunder popular over-nite with just one slap.