• Both Shah Rukh Khan and Sirish Kunder's favourite song now is: Cheek-ni Chameli!
  • Sirish Kunder becomes the Srisanth of Bollywood.
  • Shirish Kunder was first slapped by Don and then slapped by Kancha for sending lewd messages to Maanyata. Double Dhamaal!
  • After Ra.One, SRK ready to produce Kha.One. Replacing Arjun Rampal with Shirish Kunder.
  • This is probably the only time "Shirish Kunder" has got so much attention ever since marrying Farah Khan.
  • Finally, Shirish Kunder got his hit, the first one!
  • Santa: I am not an SRK fan. But consider that slap was from everyone who had wasted their money watching 'Tees Maar Khan'!
  • `X` married `Z`, who was twice his age, left her, & started dating `Y` who was half her age. What`s the age of `X`?
    Student: I don`t know the calculations but 'X' is surely Saif Ali Khan.
  • In 2011, the government tried its best to show that it was serious in fighting corruption. But as far as transparency and disclosure of assets to the public is concerned, it was Vidya Balan who stole the show.
  • What's the diff. b/w The Dirty Picture and dirty money?
    Tax is not paid on dirty money.