• Aishwarya is pregnant. At last, Abhishek Bachchan has a hit!
  • PJ of the century.
    Who was the 1st Indian to use 4G?
    Har baar Rajnikant nahi hota yaar.
    Ans: It`s Anil Kapoor. aG oG lo G suno G.
  • What will you call the value meal consisting of a bun bread, tea and soda?
    Bun, (Tea) and Bubbly.
  • What would you call Adnan Sami if he becomes half his size?
    Adnan Semi.
  • What will a mother tell her son who is sleeping on a footpath and refuses to get up?
    Get up, else Salman will come.
  • Once Rakhi Sawant goes to LIC Office.
    Rakhi: I want to get my body insured.
    Officer: Sorry Madam, we do not insure Public Property.
  • Why did Kareena break-up with Shahid?
    Bcoz she wanted a new surname after marriage.
    Not Kapoor again.
  • In case there is a break off between Saif and Kareena, Saif will have his tattoo changed to guess what?
  • After finishing MBBS, Dr Munna Bhai starts his practice.
    He checked his first patient`s eyes, tongue & ears by torch & finally what did he say?
    `The battery is OK`.
  • Santa: Malika Sherawat is going to be married.
    Banta: Who is the lucky man?
    Santa: I am. She rejected me.