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Irony: IPL 7 is being telecast live on Sony HD, Channel No. 420 on Tata Sky!
Which Pakistani cricketer does not have a date of birth?
Umar Gul
Poor Performance of Yuvraj in 2014 T20 World Cup Final
The only way to retire Yuvraj Singh from Cricket is to offer him a safe seat in the General Elections or a Rajya Sabha nomination!
T20 World Cup 2014 Final:
11 off 21 sucked India's momentum
2 minute silence for
Royal Challenger Banglore who bought Yuvraj Singh for 14 crore!
T20 World Cup 2014:
11 off 21 sucked India's momentum in finals
Don't ever buy a KENT purifier... because it has UV!
Cricket is getting excited day by day with the introduction of IPL and T20.
Same rules should be applied in exams!
Exams timing: Should be reduced to one hour.
Power play: No invigilator in exam hall for 1st 15 mins.
Cheer leaders: To dance after every right answer written.
Strategic time-out: Time for students for discussion.
Super Over: Chance for students to form their own question!
1st league of IPL 2014 shall be held in UAE.
BCCI logic: If bookies can't come for IPL, take IPL to their home!
1st phase of IPL 7 in UAE:
Please enjoy the matches... fixed toh Aapki Shadi bhi thi!
Bowler: I had three catches dropped today.
Captain: Yes, but they were all dropped by spectators in the stand!
Apple has clarified that iShant is not an Apple product!


Angels, roll the rock away;
Death, yield up thy mighty prey:
See, He rises from the tomb,
Glowing with immortal bloom.


'Dreamt' is the only word in the English language that ends with 'MT'.


Work in bakery if you knead dough.